Wednesday, September 20, 2006

coup d'etat

As most of you have probably already heard on the news, Thailand had a peaceful, bloodless coup d'etat last night. I did not know about it until 5:00 this morning when my principal called (at the same time my alarm was going off!) to tell me that school was canceled for the day. The military declared a national "holiday" and closed all banks and schools. My principal encouraged me to stay close to "home" today and to wait for further news regarding the rest of the week.

I slept in some after she called, then got up to look online for more information, as well as read the several emails I had received from my concerned family and friends. It sounds like most of the rest of the world has more access to information than we do here. The military-controlled television stations were apparently showing pictures of the King while playing the national anthem all day (not that I even have a tv to see that!). I read about soldiers and tanks blocking off intersections downtown (and even heard about some a little closer to where I am) but I'm really not very near the action where I live, so for me the day was extremely quiet. In fact, it almost felt like Christmas day or something: the whole school and neighborhood around it was very still and there was a lot less traffic and people out and about doing business.

The "holiday" actually came at a very nice time for me personally! I'd been feeling behind in a lot of spheres and in need of a several hour block of time to plan out my 2 Christmas programs coming up, so I was able to spend a restful morning in my apartment, talking to my parents and other friends, eating breakfast with my neighbor Jen, cleaning and praying. I did do some planning in my classroom in the afternoon, then went to the MTW concert of prayer. The team has it every week, but I'm usually not able to go because of after school meetings at ICS. It was such a blessing to be with the team today. I was really feeling the need to pray with others about all this and to just be able to talk about it. The MTW team is increasingly feeling like my family here and they are probably my favorite people to spend time with, so it was a comfort and joy to be with them the rest of the day (after prayer, most of us went out to dinner).

Later in the afternoon, I got another call from my principal saying that our school was canceled again tomorrow (although I think Thai schools will be in session). Friday was already a scheduled faculty "Family Fun Day" and day off for the students, so I'm anticipating a very quiet, restful remainder of the week.

Please be in prayer for the nation of Thailand at this time. According to what I've read and heard, this is the 18th coup since WW1 and all have been very peaceful. However, I'm still a bit nervous tonight and feeling strongly that the future stability of this nation (and all of our lives) is dependent on God's work and intervention. Pray that He will grant peace during this potentially divisive time. And pray most of all that this will somehow lead to the salvation of many Thais and the building of His kingdom here.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Catherine ~
Glad to hear all is well, although I heard that from your Dad this morning and before that had read everything on-line I could find last night and got the impression this was more of a "non-event" than the original headlines had us believe.
Enjoy your bonus time off! I don't want us to have a coup, but a 3-day vacation or just some quiet time to get things done would be a dream come true!
Well, have to go. Choir is tonight and there is a lot to do before then!

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Uncle Paul said...

Catherine - Just a quick note to let you know that I, too, am praying for you and for God to work in these circumstances.

At 5:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet Cath - just read your whole blog like a starving girl with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in front of her... I miss you, and am praying for you. -Elizabeth in Germany


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