Friday, October 20, 2006

my exciting weekend!

Before I share about this upcoming weekend, I feel like I need to give a quick update on the last couple of weeks since my post about the wallet:

God has been incredibly good to me! I have been amazed by His kindness, protection, and love displayed in numerous ways each day. My wallet and everything in it was never found or returned, but I was able to cancel my credit card and bank card before anything happened. Also, when I called the U.S. Embassy on the day it was stolen and expressed my concern about the copy of my passport which was in the wallet, the man on the phone (an American! How refreshing to speak to a fellow American at such a time!) did not seem concerned at all since it was not the real thing. I have since gotten a new bank/ATM card and in the week or so when it was being made and I did not have access to my money, the Lord provided for every need of mine and more than enough cash to get me through the week so that I didn't even have to borrow (well, sort of from my parents, but...). So He is good.

Not only has He provided and protected me since, but I have felt stronger and healthier last week than I have in a while - which was a wonderful thing because it was a super busy week at school. So I had the energy to work very long days and even last weekend! (And believe me, after being stuck up alone in my apartment for a few days, I was very ready to get back to work!) The Lord has also flooded me with an incredible peace and contentment the last several weeks and has given me great joy in Him and delight in many smaller things that He has given me here in Bangkok. I've truly felt like the writer of Psalm 34 - that I lack nothing because I am in Christ! Thank you so much for your many prayers on my behalf. The Lord hears you and answers your pleas as you intercede for me!

One of the things that has gotten me very excited this last week - and is another answer to numerous prayers of mine - is the MTW retreat this weekend. After it became apparent that the short-term team from Pinewood would not be able to come to lead the music and take care of the kids during the retreat, Jack asked me if I would still be able to join them on the trip and help plan the childcare for the weekend, taking care of the missionary's children along with the two other interns (Irene and Tori) and Katy (one of the Veldhorst's daughters). I was very excited and eager to serve and readily agreed to go, however, as time went on and the four of us girls never had a chance to get together to plan out the "kid's retreat", I started to get more and more stressed and concerned about it. I prayed all last week for God to bring plans together - and quickly! - and then ended up meeting with Katy for most of the day on last Saturday to brain-storm. God overwhelmingly answered my prayers! Within a few hours, we had a whole theme, 4 Bible stories, a memory verse, craft and game ideas and a whole host of other fun activities planned for the weekend and then were able to spend the next few hours (and some more time on Sunday) gathering materials and making parts of the crafts as well as some "treats" for the kids. I am now so excited about what we have planned and about spending that time with all of the team kids!! AND, Katy and I had the best time together in the meantime, which was also an answer to prayers of mine. She's such a great girl (she's in 8th grade and goes to ICS) - reminds me of a Jordan or Lindsay Campbell! - and I've been wanting to get to know her better and spend time with her, but wasn't sure how. God provided that this weekend.

I wanted to ask you to pray for this weekend. As excited as I am about our "plans", I am fully aware that many of them will probably change or need to be "tweeked" when we get to the hotel and see where we will actually be (and adjust to nap schedules and weather and children's moods/interests, etc., etc.). And even if they were to all go as planned, it's possible that the whole thing will have absolutely no spiritual impact on the kids or adults. So please pray:

~ That all involved will learn and grow in the Lord and enjoy the fellowship with each other.
~ That the children will feel comfortable with Katy, Irene, Tori and me and not mind being away from their parents for several hours at a time (many are quite young)
~ That the kids will have a fun time and be safe! For no accidents!
~ That the adult team members will be able to focus on their times of worship, training and planning. That they will be strengthened, encouraged, challenged, and refreshed and have wonderful times of fellowship with each other. That they will be further unified as a team.
~ For Irene, Tori, Katy and me to be filled with the Spirit and a deep love towards the kids. That God would give us strength, energy, gentleness, patience and enthusiasm with them!
~ For my health: I started to feel sick again on Wednesday (sort throat, congested, super tired). Pray that I don't get anyone else (especially the kids!) sick and will have the stamina to teach/watch the kids and serve the team. Also, pray that somehow I'll get enough rest this weekend so that I can go back to work on Tuesday (Monday's a holiday here) in full strength.

Just in case you were wondering, it won't all be "serving" and we'll have a large block of time to rest each day and enjoy our amazing hotel and beach!! You can check out the incredible resort where we'll be staying at the following website: I look forward to posting pictures of our time there next week!


At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cath - praying that you and the MTW team come away refreshed, and for your health, for spiritual impact on the kids. :) Thanks for the updates! Elizabeth

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous helen said...

Dear Catherine,

Thank you so much for your willingness in taking care of the children...two of which are my own grandchildren. I feel so blessed that they have you as a friend and teacher.

I will pray for your health to improve.

love, helen

At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, walking proof that with God ALL thing work out for good, for those who love him.
I am just soooo amazed at what your doing its is soooo cool to actually 'know' a missonary! I love ya.

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Catherine,
Hope by now you are feeling better. Dina and I will be praying for you. Sorry we just now got to discover your wonderful blog site. Great pictures. All the best from ElNido. We love you and hope you are better by the time you read this.
John and Dina.


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