Thursday, March 15, 2007

Coffee-Dessert Party

This is mainly for Beka and all those who asked me what my new dishes look like. Last Sunday I had a little coffee-dessert party for one of my friends' (Shawna) birthday. We had so much fun!! I made chocolate chip cookies and York-mint brownies (thanks to a care-package Elizabeth sent!) and served Reeces Pieces (thanks to Valentines packages from Meghan and Beka) and mango and sticky rice. Mango are now starting to be in season and the ones I got at the market were so yummy! All the desserts were devoured while we played Scatagories and Imagine If. (I bought the apron, by the way, pretty much because it matched my kitchen towel and pot holder and because it makes me feel domestic! That and because it reminds me of my mom. : )

March has been the month of birthdays at the school. Last Friday a large group of friends went downtown to Tony Romas for dinner for my friend Anna's birthday. It was such a treat to be there - stepping into that restaurant felt like stepping into America! We all oohed and aahed at the littlest things that we missed or loved or that defined American dining vs. Thai dining. Most were things I hadn't thought about in a while as I've already gotten used to the Thai way of eating. For example...

*the menu was entirely in English and it served wonderful (fattening, sigh...) things like ribs, steaks, baked potatoes, onion-ring-type appetizers, huge salads, American-type sandwiches with a lot of meat on a roll or bun (not like the restaurant next to me which defines a chicken sandwich as a thin slice of deli chicken on two pieces of white bread).

*free refills!

*American-size napkins! Thai napkins are about a 1/4 the size of most American napkins (if that!).

*the silverware was wrapped in a napkin and included a fork and KNIFE! Thai meals always come with a fork and large spoon. You rarely receive a knife.

*all of our meals came at the same time!! At which point we started eating at the same time! Typically Thais will serve the dishes as they are ready.

*at the end of our HUGE meal, we took leftovers home. I hardly ever do that at Thai places (although I probably could; I guess there just usually aren't any!)

*unfortunately we paid American prices for these luxuries. My meal and drink (with tax and tip included) was almost 500 baht - around $13! I haven't paid that much for food in months. Most Thai food costs between $1-$3, or maybe $5 at a nicer place. I think it was worth it for the special occaision that it was, though. : )


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He he. So I guess you went American-style for dinner. :)! Well I am glad you had fun!
Love ya,
<3 Rachel <3

At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you have had care packages, and that the mini york patties came in handy! I hope you ate some while you were cooking. :) You're cute in your apron! I love the way you set the table, too - Elizabeth

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL I think $13 is still pretty cheap in America. but for me and my income, it's exspensive. Too bad we couldn't have the Thailand's pricing. It would make life so much easier. =)

I'm glad you had fun though. God Bless. Miss you girl!


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